Custom-made Katana


Please fill in the information below, and press "Send".   
After that we will sent you an offer which tells you about the total costs
of the sword you wish for.

Also regard the laws about buying/owning swords from your own country


Katanko offers you the possibility to compose your own katana.

The following parts you can choose yourself.

- tsuba (handguard)
- menuki (ornaments)
- fuchi+kashira
- saya (scabbard)
- sageo/ito
- habaki
- kissaki (swordpoint)

- insertsteel 
- springsteel
- 1050 damascus steel (folded)
- 1095 damascus steel (folded) 
- 1095 damascus steel (folded)
with real hamon
- T10 toolsteel
- T10 toolsteel with real hamon.

The tsuka (the handle) will be standard black color wrapped with real fishskin and cotton ito
At the bottom you can find photo's of different types of tsuba, menuki,
fuchi/kashira,  and sayas
currently available.

In the orderform to the right, you can
fill in the desired ordernumber of the tsuba, menuki, etc, you want.
For example: copper tsuba 2 - T8, menuki 5,  etc.
Also tell us which steeltype you wish
for, then press "send".
After this you we will sent you an offer,
which tells you about the total costs of
the katana you wish for.
After receiving our offer, you can decide to buy this katana or not. 

Its only possible to order a custom-made katana by advance payment (half total amount), since the katana is composed according to your wishes. It might be difficult for us to sell such sword to other customers.
We hope you can understand our situation.

Are you in need for a sword with a longer handle? On request we can also supply swords with at tang up to 50 cm!!!